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Bellator 206

Last night, I signed up for DAZN (which is, lamentably, pronounced ‘Da Zone’) so that I could catch the main card of Bellator 206. I thought the event was pretty good, although the show pacing made the UFC’s offerings on FOX feel speedy and concise — dragging the show on long enough that UK viewers got switched to Peppa Pig because of daytime broadcast regulations. Good job.

I’ll be writing up an edition of Fight Notes for the main card in the next day or so, as it was only 6 fights. I’m still under the weather, but I’m feeling well enough to make the attempt at coherent streams of thought. Lately, I’d been saving my energy for work due to short-staffing, a need to feel useful and the reality that everyone else at work was sick anyway so I was sparing them from nothing really.

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