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Cottage Magic – Vol. 1

I’m finally back from our bi-annual gaming excursion to a friend’s cottage for a weekend of Magic: The Gathering. Just as we were leaving the city, I received a Tornado Alert on my phone, from the emergency broadcast system, which made things … interesting. We ended up being delayed about 50 minutes on the highway out of town, as an entire warehouse had been deposited on a series of lanes. Still, we made it without any serious problems, but ended up being the last ones to arrive despite having left much earlier than usual.

I ended up catching some sort of cold or flu, but the only real effect that had was knocking me out cold by midnight on both Friday and Saturday. I still had a great time with my friends, got a fair number of games in, and was able to effect the escape from the city of Ottawa that I really, really needed. I only won a single game, and was on the wrong end of a few nasty blow-out losses, but I still enjoyed myself. I’ve also got to make a lot of changes to my decks in light of new meta-game information.

It is now Sunday night, I am exhausted and running a very mild fever. I’ve just been informed that my office is closed due to ongoing power outages throughout the city, so I’m going to make the most of it and rest as much as I can.

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