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Jon Jones Can Fight This Year

Aside from a comically embarrassing appearance in front of the California State Athletic Commission, we haven’t seen any developments in Jon Jones’ arbitration with USADA. He failed a drug test that was administered on July 28th, one day before UFC 214, and as a result had his title stripped and his KO win over Daniel Cormier changed to a “no contest,” and it’s been largely radio silence since then.

Today, it was announced that Jones would be given a 15 month suspension in light of assistance provided to USADA in regards to other athletes’ doping. The very short version of this is that Jones can fight this year and he’s apparently snitched sufficiently to vastly reduce what would have been a 4-year suspension for his second failed drug test. Instead, the arbitrator made a point to state that they felt Jones did not intentionally cheat

There’s a lot going on here. I will try and get something written about this before I head out of the city for the weekend. If I were a UFC fighter, I’d be pretty pissed off right now. And if I was a UFC fighter — or trainer —  and I used to associate with Jon Jones, who knows what I might have to worry about…

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