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Fabricio Werdum Suspended For 2 Years

In case you’re wondering what UFC heavyweight Fabricio Werdum has been up to lately, the answer is failing a drug test and going through the USADA arbitration process. Today it was announced that the former heavyweight champion has been suspended 2 years. Werdum failed a drug test conducted on April 25, 2018, after testing positive for trenbolone. Werdum was provisionally suspended on May 22nd, 2018. You can read the full announcement from USADA here.

The idea that a fighter would be using trenbolone in 2018 is absurd to me. I can only guess that the underground lab he sourced his PEDs from mixed up a batch, as trenbolone is extremely easy to detect and is not an effective performance enhancer. The drug is used by bodybuilders, and it yields some astonishing aesthetic results, but it hinders stamina and commonly disrupts sleep patterns and alters users’ moods. There is no reason a fighter would use this specific drug intentionally. That being said, the intent was clearly to break the rules.

Werdum will be 43 when the suspension ends. If he competed in any division other than heavyweight, I would say his career is over; returning at 43 practically puts him in his prime.

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