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After making what I thought was a fairly well-crafted troll trap post, I ended up exceeding my wildest expectations by a wide margin. I figured I’d get a few zero-follower trash accounts looking to argue with people in popular search terms but … well, here:

Most of the replies were people who were clearly not mad at all about the implication that they might be racist, even though I didn’t say all UFC fans are. I got some interesting responses like “I’ve never heard anyone say they dislike Tyron Woodley because he is black.” My personal favourite reply was a claim that Woodley just has no personality, and that Muhammad Ali was loved by pretty much everyone — ignoring the whole refusal to fight in Vietnam and Muslim conversion thing.

Tyron Woodley is a great UFC champion and has become the target of derision merely for expressing his perspective on things like race relations in America. When black athletes talk about social issues or politics, they’re told “stick to sports.” When someone like Colby Covington adopts a Trump-promoting MAGA CHUD gimmick, he’s a “brilliant showman.” Dana White would rather try and make money with Colby, or Darren Till — who’s ability to make fight weight is a mixture of prayer and abuse of the human physiology — than deal with an assertive black man.

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