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Back To The Grind

I’m counting down the hours before I have to resume my normal life. I did enjoy this week off, even if I didn’t do a whole lot. That was actually a big part of my plan; I churned out a few pieces for The Shack but otherwise caught up on sleep and tended to a bunch of sundry personal matters. With that already in the rear-view mirror, I’m looking forward to going back to work — as I am fortunate enough to like what I do, still, after 8 years — and I have some plans to act on now.

I am also looking forward to working on more stuff for this site and The Shack. I’ve got a whole bunch of little projects in the works, and hope to start doing the real work on some of them. One has to do with the upcoming 25th anniversary of the UFC. I’m also working on better elaborating on the purpose of this site, and a lot of other things.

For now, I’ve finished my review of theĀ Abigail Williams show I attended last Friday (link), and ended up buying their 2016 albumĀ The Accuser which I’ve really enjoyed listening to. “Will, Wish, Desire” is sooo damn good.

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