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UFC 228 Was Indeed A Thing

I am still digesting everything that went down at UFC 228, to be honest. What looked to be okay-to-decent at first glance ended up being one of the best UFC events in the promotion’s history. The whole fight card, minus another atrocious showing from John Dodson, was packed with finishes of all stripes, including two instances of a Suloev Stretch. (A kneebar executed from back-mount we’ve only seen in the UFC once previously, when Kenny Robertson submitted Brock Jardine at UFC 157.)

I wrote a whole lot about the event which I won’t regurgitate here. Check out my pre-fight (link) / post-fight (link) bits on Tyron Woodley versus Darren Till, as well as the latest edition of Fight Notes right here. It’s unlikely we will see another fight card this good for quite some time, this went well beyond a statistical outlier — I’m serious when I say this may be the best top-to-bottom fight card the UFC has ever presented to us.

Every fighter on the card (John Dodson excluded) deserved a bonus.

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