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Good Times Had By All

I went to see Ghost Bath supporting Abigail Williams last night, despite the fact I’d never heard of the latter and that Ghost Bath are the ones with the major label record deal. Regardless, none of that has any bearing on the music, which is the sole reason I go to these things. The entirety of the bill was unknown to me, I went for Ghost Bath and kept an open mind — as I always try to do — when the other acts had their time on stage.

The two local bands, Serene Dark and Dissentient were good, as were Dopethrone and the headliners. Ghost Bath didn’t disappoint the other 2 times I’ve seen them, and that streak now extends to 3 shows in 2 years — I just wish they’d do longer sets. I was impressed with the whole show, although I got confused by the poster as it listed Wolvhammer who did not perform last night. I did some research, after first confusing them with Wolf Mother (embarrassing) and then checking the rest of the tour stops, and it turns out Wolvhammer weren’t present on any of the Canadian dates.

I got home about 1:30am, which wasn’t too bad. I definitely had too much to drink, but avoided a serious hangover. My new thing isn’t getting wretchedly drunk and ruinously hungover, it’s just lamenting how badly I got fleeced paying bar markup prices.

I’ll have a full report on the live show posted to The Shack in the next couple of days. If you get a chance to see any of the acts on this bill, I’d recommend it — I had a great time.

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