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RIP Luke Perry And Keith Flint

Today was a bit of a rough day for anyone really attached to the 90s. I can’t say I really count myself among the ranks of the decade’s fans, but I did grow up in that time, and it’s a little weird to see a pair of huge stars of that era dead already. I […]

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Leaving Da Zone

I opted to cancel my Da Zone account for the time being. I’m actually encouraged by the network’s recent announcements regarding the content deals they’ve made for boxing and MMA content; I actually do see a lot of value in the service. The reason I decided to forego the $20 / month cost was that […]

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So He Can’t Do Stand-Up Ever Again?

Louis CK is back in the news again, after a brief hiatus following his admission of guilt in the face of multiple women accusing him of of gross sexual misconduct. In more plain terms, Louis apparently had a bad habit of taking his dick out in front of women and masturbating. Initially, the statement that […]

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